Mirage - By James Follett

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Book Information


Unstoppable. Nerve-tautening. And true.

Written by: James Follett
Category: Fiction
Genre: Thriller

Book Details:

ISBN 10: 0749300035
ISBN 13: 9780749300036
Format: paperback
Publisher: Mandarin
Date Published: 1989, London
Language: English
Condition: Good
Appearance: The book shows signs of wear and tear. The cover has some creases and minor damage at the edges. The pages are yellowed and there are some stains. The spine is creased but intact. The book measures approximately 18 cm in length and 11 cm in width. The print size is standard.


It is the late 1960s and General de Gaulle has cancelled Israel's order for fifty Mirage 5 jet fighters – a stunning body blow for the Israeli Air Force, depleted by SAM missiles after the Six-Day war. Now de Gaulle springs another surprise, embargoing the five missile-carrying high-speed aircraft under construction for the Israeli navy. Against this background, Daniel Kalen, an Israeli fighter pilot grounded after injury, has been given an extraordinary mission by Mossad: to steal the Mirage blueprints – all 250,000 of them – so that Israel can build her own version of the fighter. So begins a joint operation of breathtaking audacity – the theft of the plans, hand in hand with the hijacking of the high-speed craft. Kalen, aided by American research student Raquel Gibbons, has more adversaries than he knows: not only the French but also the shady aircraft dealer Lucky Nathan, who has much to lose should the synchronised espionage missions succeed.

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