The Purpose Behind Bookworms

Our Mission: To keep as many pre-loved books out of landfill as we can.

What happens to your book once you've enjoyed the magic it contains? Where do you put all the amazing worlds you've visited when you decide to de-clutter your real world? What happens to all those books that due to age, water or just so many readings can no longer be enjoyed again?

What started as a desire to declutter in a way that wouldn't add to waste to our landfills, quickly turned into a chance to share our love of reading. And now, here is Bookworms, a platform to make pre-loved books more accessible to people like you who are an important cog in the book recycling machine. Helping keep our planet a little bit greener and reusing a product that still has the same magic as it did on the day it was made.

Some of the things we are doing to align with our mission:

  • Individually listing the books we are given to help bookworms like you find them easier
  • For books that are unwanted, or in poor condition, we enjoy finding new ways to re-use or up-cycle them.
  • We use home-compostable packing for all of our orders.
  • Listening to ideas from you to help us do even more!

How you can help

  • Your local Opshop may want your donations to help their cause, and are available to accept donations during opening hours.
  • Check with your local Lions or Rotary clubs. Local chapters will have book sales throughout the year and may accept donations of books in good condition.
  • Schools, kindergartens or playcentres may be able to use magazines for their art works.
  • If you're having trouble rehoming your books, reach out to us and we may be able to help you. We accept books in any condition, but as we're a small enterprise we have to ensure we can store these appropriately, so please don't be offended if we instead recommend some of the other options above. 
  • We're sure you guys have a ton of great idea for recycling books. Let us know!

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