Meet The Bookworms Team!

We're a pair of bookworms living in Palmerston North and in between pages we try to raise two kids, work and find time to read!

Bookworms came about as a way to declutter our home. We both had HUGE book collections, two young kids and a very small house. To reduce the arguments we both needed to let go of some of our 'precious' but putting these in the rubbish didn't sit well with either of us.

Luckily one of us happens to be good at 'the internet' and using the local auction site, Bookworms was born. After a brief hiatus to focus on careers and livestock we've expanded our business and have found a way to help local charity shops and people decluttering their homes, just like we tried to.*

We locate all kinds of books from all over the place and then we assess, photograph and upload them here for you. Sometimes, we'll list a book in the lot even if the condition is not great because it's such a great read, and we love to share a good book.

So, there you have it NZ Bookworms in a nutshell and if you read this, I can guarantee you we have a great book here just for you. 

 *Tried being the operative word here. We got stuck on the books and made a business, and now have more books than ever!