Heart Choice - By Robin D. Owens

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Book Information

Heart Choice

Written by: Robin D. Owens
Category: Fiction
Genre: Romance, Paranormal

Book Details:

ISBN 10: 0425203965
ISBN 13: 9780425203963
Format: paperback
Publisher: The Berkley Publishing Group
Date Published: 2005, New York, USA
Language: English
Condition: Good
Appearance: The book shows signs of wear. The cover has some creases and the edges are slightly worn. The spine has creases indicating it has been read. The pages appear intact with no missing pages. The book measures approximately 17.5 cm in length and 10.5 cm in width. Standard print size.


Due to a genetic disorder, Straif Blackthorn is the last of his line. Determined to rebuild his heritage and protect future generations of Blackthorns from these diseases, he works tirelessly to find a cure. Nothing else matters to him...until he meets Mitchella Clover... But Mitchella is not a woman Straif can build a family with, for she is unable to bear children. Unwilling to let his bloodline fail, Straif refuses to pursue his feelings. Mitchella knows that a family is founded on love, not blood, but unless Straif can see that they cannot be together, they will both be alone. Only when an unforeseen tragedy threatens to overshadow them do they realize what truly matters—and what they truly mean to each other...

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