FROM F.A.T. to FIERCE - By Nats Levi

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Solving the Health Puzzle When Your Body Is Not Responding

Written by: Nats Levi
Category: Non Fiction
Genre: Health & Lifestyle, Fitness & Exercise

Book Details:

ISBN 10: 1925884287
ISBN 13: 9781925884289
Format: Paperback
Publisher: NatsLevi.Com
Date Published: 2019-04-12
Language: English
Condition: Very Good
Appearance: The book is in very good condition with minimal signs of wear. The cover is clean with no noticeable creases or tears. The spine is intact and shows no signs of damage. The pages are clean and free from markings, highlighting, or annotations.


What the heck is F. A. T?F.A.T stands for Female Athlete Triad - a condition not just for the athletes amongst us. This is a condition that sees women lose their cycle, compromise their bone density and have a disordered pattern of energy in versus energy out. It is hormonal chaos. So how did Nats end up with F.A.T despite working in the fitness industry, following health and training advice that is commonly followed by all?Running her body into an exhausted state, Nats' systems shut down, forcing her to reconsider the fitness advice she was following.Nats went back to basics, altering the pillars of nourishment, movement and mindset to achieve the fitness she desired and the health she craved. This is a story shared by others. Despite your best effort and discipline, you might be getting frustrated by a lack of results. Using this book and a synergistic approach, let Nats coach you into your best health. In this book, Nats shares with you her health culture and tips on movement, nourishment and restoration to achieve the best version of you. Uncover what your body is telling you and how you can find your way back to results and out of frustrated chaos. EVERY person deserves to feel strong, empowered and unstoppable. Fierce.

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