Charles Darwin - By Sir Gavin de Beer F.R.S, F.S.A

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Charles Darwin

Evolution by Natural Selection

Written by: Sir Gavin de Beer F.R.S, F.S.A
Category: Non Fiction, Biography, Science

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ISBN 10:
ISBN 13: 17004735
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 290
Publisher: Lee Fung Printing Co Ltd
Date Published: 1968
Language: English
Edition: Reprint

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Condition: Good (8128-1)
Notes: An aged copy of this book ready for reading and learning, Cover is slightly worn, Pages are slightly Yellowed


My introduction to the name of Darwin took place nearly sixty years ago in Paris, where I used to be taken from i'ny home in the Rue de la Paix to play in the Gardens of the Tuileries. On the way, in the Rue saint-honoré near the corner of the Rue de Castiglione, was a Shop that called itself Articles pour chz'ens and sold dog collars, harness, leads, raincoats, greatcoats With little pockets for handker chiefs, and buttoned boots made of india - rubber, the pair for fore - paws larger than the pair for hind-paws. One day this heavenly shop produced a catalogue, and although I have long since lost it, I remember its introduction as vividly as if I had it before me. It began, 'on sait depuis Darwin que nous descendons des singes, ce qui nous'fait encore plus aimer nos chiens.' I asked, 'qu'est ce que ca veut dire, Darre-vingt?' My father came to the rescue and told me that Darwin was a famous Englishman who had done something or other that meant nothing to me at all; but I recollect that because Darwin was English and a great man, it all fitted perfectly into my pattern of life, which was built on the principle that if anything was English it must be good. I have learnt better since then, but Darwin, at any rate, has never let me down.

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